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Turkish Sumela Cymbal Pack Box Set

Turkish Sumela Cymbal Pack Box Set

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Brand: Turkish Cymbals


  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 1 x 14" Hi-Hat Pair -Clean, crisp chick. Great cutting sound. Full-bodied cymbals with beautiful blend of warmth, sensitivity & clarity.
  • 1 x 16" Crash -Full sound with quick response. Beautiful variety of overtones from low to high. Short duration of vibrations.
  • 1 x 20" Ride -Dark, earthy sound with complex tone. Nice ping with beautiful ring tone. Clear stick definition.
  • 1 x Free Cymbal Bag

Details: The Sumelas have an unconventional finish & a unique sound. There is a central band about 1 ½ “wide and 2” in from the outer edge of the cymbal that is polished, though not brilliant. A similar, smaller band surrounds the bell. The rest of the top is lathed, but also “acid-washed,” which gives it a slightly rough, dry texture. The entire bottom of the cymbal is acid-washed, as well. This technique flattens the over-tones a bit. It also increases the propensity of the cymbal to tarnish, which gives our Sumelas a beautiful “vintage” green patina.

Turkish Cymbals, Hand Cast, Hand Hammered, Hand Lathed. Peculiar hiss-tone that is high, sharp & piercing. Excellent for short, punctuated accents with an exotic atmosphere. For centuries, cymbals have been made in artisan workshops in Istanbul, Turkey, the acknowleged home of quality cymbal making. Cymbal alloys (most notably B20 alloys) have secret recipes passed through generations and each Turkish Cymbal is hand cast, rolled whilst hot, hammered by skilled artisans and tested to give the unique sound the Turkish Cymbals have, before being finished on a lathe. Only by hand making can the cymbal be worthy of a top-flight drummer. Each cymbal has its own individual overtones and "DNA", whilst being broadly similar to its brothers. Your sound is unique with Turkish Cymbals. Probably the finest cymbals on the planet.

EAN: 8680782064623