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Istanbul Mehmet 15" Tony Williams Hi-Hat

Istanbul Mehmet 15" Tony Williams Hi-Hat

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Brand: istanbul Mehmet


  • Hand crafted in Istanbul Turkey
  • The New 15” Tony Williams Hi-Hats gives you the same sublime stick sound, gorgeous chick, and feel of the original 14” Tony Williams 60’s Era Tribute Hi-Hats with more loudness and wash
  • Simply a stunningly beautiful pair of old Turkish made Hi-Hats. The top and bottom cymbal are perfectly nested from a lifetime of playing. The chick is gorgeous, the stick sound...sublime.
  • But the cymbal masters at Istanbul Mehmet were not to be daunted and the replica Hi-Hats were, in fact, the first of the models to be approved.
  • Available 14",15-inch

Details: "There ain’t but one Tony Williams when it comes to playing the drums. There was nobody like him before or since.’’ Miles Davis"

When Tony Williams released ‘Emergency’ in 1969 with his astonishing Lifetime Trio, he launched the Jazz-Rock revolution, unleashing a blistering musical maelstrom the likes of which no one had ever heard before. Although by this time many Jazz musicians had begun to experiment with electric instruments and were incorporating elements of Rock into their music, it was Lifetime who for the first time in musical history truly fused Jazz improvisation and sensibility with the electronic sounds, raw power, explosive energy and sheer volume of Rock music.

  As Tony Williams famously said, “To me, Emergency is the best of everything, like a combination of the last fifteen years, of everything I’ve learned. I don’t think of it as one thing or another. I think of it as the best of everything. I don’t care what people call it. If you like something, do it! Don’t hide from it!”

Relentless and uncompromising with Tony at the helm, ‘Emergency’ is bursting with complex instrumental interaction and sophisticated improvisation.  It remains one of the most important recordings of all time, having unveiled a revolutionary musical style and concept that discerning listeners are still struggling to decode and fully comprehend five decades later.

 Created as faithful replicas of the now iconic cymbals made famous by Tony Williams on the recordings of the 60s era Miles Davis Quintet.

 When Miles Davis invited the 17-year-old Tony Williams to join his new Quintet, jazz drumming would never be the same. Tony set a new standard with his playing and cymbals. The Istanbul Mehmet Company was granted exclusive access to the very same cymbals, made in Istanbul in the late 50s, which were used by Tony Williams on the Miles Davis Quintet's historic recordings.

 Hand-carried to Istanbul by Colleen Williams, Tony's wife, great attention to detail was paid during their creation, with every aspect of the cymbals being scrupulously measured, weighed, gauged and factored to ensure that the new, handmade cymbals be as close in sound as possible to the originals. Istanbul Mehmet drew from their rich archives the original and now antique cup dies, the actual dies used to form the bells on the originals, and used them in order to perfectly recreate the bell shapes on the tribute models.

 The set consists of a 22" ride with legendary dry, clean stick articulation and orchestral, dark overtones. The 14" hi-hats produce a gorgeous "chick" sound and sublime, signature stick articulation. An 18" crash delivers warm, fast attack and features a signature crack that acts as a built-in "attenuator" to accelerate decay.