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Cristobal Orozco Signatures

Cristobal Orozco born in Santiago de Chile on June 15 1983, from an early age he realized music was going to take an important role in his life. From a musician’s family, his father initiated him at age of 9, giving him his first kit. Later on he participates in the extension courses of the “Professional Institute Pro jazz” which leads him to consider the career of “Instrumental Interpreter with a Major in Drums” which he completed successfully in 2005. Since then, he has been involved in projects with a variety of musical styles including Jazz, Rock, Funk, Metal, Latin, Pop, New-Prog, Nu-Jazz, Hip hop, etc. and has worked as a session musician in studio and live performances with multiple artists. Cristobal actively participates as a producer and drum tech with Bolchevique Recording Studio team. Bassino Studio, Fm studio and estudios del sur , And is part of the Drum Teachers Staff in the “Professional Institute Projazz”. He has now completed his first European Tour, also performing at “BAJA PROG 2008” in Baja California, Mexicali, with Octopus Band. In 2010 he traveled to Sweden to take lessons with the famous drummer Morgan Agren. Currently Cristobal Orozco is touring Latin America and North America with national artist Myriam Hernández promoting her Top-Selling Album “Seduction”.
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