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Ad Astra

Ad Astra Series Designed by Ozgur Can Oney

-Controlled, Dark & Clear, Natural…

 Ad Astra series are common result of Ozgur Can Oney ‘s recording, stage and tour experiences mixed with the time he spent at the Turkish Cymbals Factory working on other regular series and signature series with artists and cymbalsmiths. The name “Ad Astra” comes from the Roman motto "Ad astra Per aspera” ( through the hardships to the stars )

“Ad Astra” series look like an Ottoman shield, darker because of the oven process, all the cymbals’ bells are bigger in diameter when compared to other series. And Just the bells have the lathed during the production. So the rest of the cymbals have unlathed, natural surface. For more controlled and clean response cymbals, are also lighter on weight.

Over twenty years, working in the studio for recording and also performing at concerts live, Ozgur wanted to combine big and dark sounding cymbals with controlled and well textured performance.

Ad Astra series are great for Rock, Funk, Fusion and other Progressive Styles in Studio and also for stage…

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