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Turkish Cymbals 17" Travel Crash Medium Thin

Turkish Cymbals 17" Travel Crash Medium Thin

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Brand: Turkish Cymbals


  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Medium thin crash for all styles, with smaller bell. Quick response and bright skirt sound...
  • The 17″ crash is has a soft, flexible feel. The wash is controlled enough so that the bow can be used for light ride patterns, while delicate and aggressive accents elicit a quick, flashy crash with a full-frequency shimmer. 
  • The bell is clean and musical as well, and there’s some subtle sibilance in the decay that echoes the complexity of a well-worn vintage cymbal.
  • Available 17-inch

Details: Turkish Cymbals recently brought in twenty-year endorsing artist and jazz/rock/pop international road dog Chris Wabich to develop a set of small yet versatile cymbals that will fit in a suitcase or carry-on case to minimize issues when flying with them to gigs. “What’s cool about this set is you can go on the road and you won’t be in danger of being forced to check it by the airlines,” says Wabich. “You can backline whatever other cymbals you need and not worry too much if they’re decent or not, since you’ve got the gig covered with these.” The series, called the Travel Set, comprises a pair of 13″ medium-weight hi-hats, a 17″ medium-thin crash, and a 16″ flat ride with two rivets.

The Travel Set doesn’t represent the first time Wabich has worked with Turkish to design cymbals. Several years ago he helped create the Vintage Soul series, which adapted classic manufacturing techniques to give drummers modern-made options with warmer, richer, and jazzier sounds. The 13″ hi-hats and 17″ crash of the Travel Set look similar to those in the Vintage Soul series; they have the same traditional finish, hand hammering, and wide lathing patterns. The 16″ flat ride, however, is unlathed and raw, like the cymbals in the company’s dark, dry Kurak series.

One concern Wabich had when developing the Travel Set was in regards to consistency. “Often handmade cymbals have too much variance,” he says. “The Travel Set, however, can be played confidently—in any performance—right out of the box.”