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Mehteran Cymbals 21" Rain Thin Crash

Mehteran Cymbals 21" Rain Thin Crash

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Brand: Mehteran Cymbals


  • Handmade in Turkey
  • These cymbals are known for their great looks.
  • The Rain series has a very quick, musical, bright ping that easily cuts through everything else in your mix. These cymbals have excellent warm sustain and great musicality.
  • If you want to be creative with these Mehteran cymbals, you can place them in the middle of a song that features other instruments playing softly and then shake/move them around to create water sounds for extra effect.
  • Available 14",15",16",17",18",19",20",21",22-inch

Details: Founder of Mehteran-My name is Adem DIRIL. First I became a cymbal smith in the Turkish part of the company of Meinl in 2006. Since 15 years I have experience in many kind of cymbals. My main reason is to produce 100% hand made cymbals and use only B-20 metal. 2021 I decided to built my own brand, MEHTERAN CYMBALS, available with big cymbal range in all over the world. Not only do we offer quality products, but quality products at competitive prices. We aim to always provide excellent customer service, without any attitude. Your projects are our projects, and we treat partners and clients as equals. These markets involve cymbal fabrication, B-20 metal cymbal forming forming. We aim for better performance, and have by far accomplished this goal by creating a better business environment in our region, and beyond.