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Anatolian 20" Ultimate Thin Crash

Anatolian 20" Ultimate Thin Crash

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Brand: Anatolian Cymbals


  • Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ultimate Series with a new alloy B20! Ultimate cymbals are characterized by an incredible dynamic range, extremely fast response and an explosive sound behavior.
  • These cymbals prove an impresive synthesis of traditional handmade art and implementation of innovative ideas. 
  • Through their enormous musicality, a warm sound and its balanced sound spectrum, this series is universally applicable.
  • Available in 14",15",16",17",18",19",20-inch


Philosophy: Our heart and soul goes into every Anatolian cymbal. We see it as our mission to provide drummers with one-of-a-kind cymbals for bringing out the expression and chracter of their style of play. Anatolian cymbals are the link between as and your creativity. We make musical works of art so that you can realize your dreem of perfect sound. Without compromise our philosophy has but one goal: "ANATOLIAN - The world"s finest cymbals"

Development of Cymbals: Long and intensive work and the inpration of renowned drummers have gone into the development of Anatolian cymbals to make then perfect down to the last detail. Our goal was to create high - end cymbals that set new standards with their sound and versatility. We can proudly say that we have achieved this goal. Anatolian cymbals offer you first - rate cymbal sound with a musicality never before known. Their warmth, projection, clarity and durability will impress yuo. They are truly one of a kind.

Alloy: Anatolian cast bronze cymbals are crafted from the Anatolian B20plus alloy consisting of 80% copper I 20% tin as well as a secret special additive known only to Anatolian.

Production: Anatolian cymbals are manufactured in your own foundry and production facility. In the first step of the manufacturing process, blanks are cost out of the alloy. This is followed by a complex tempering process. The blanks are rolled over and over again in different directions and heated repeatedly. This involved process causes a change in the molecular structure, wich is an important basis for the density, flexibility and durability of the metal. Next, the disk are precisely cut to shape for further processing. The Anatolian cymbal marters, absolute authorities in their field, now begin the timeconsuming job of hammering the cymbals by hand. 

 After hummering the cymbals by hand our cymbal masters then lathe them and put the finishing touches to them. During every stage of production the cymbals are subject to constand qouality control before going through the uncompromising final check.

 This incredibly involved production process combined with the marterly hand craftsmanship of our cymbal masters - who cannot be replaced by any machine - and qouality control that is performed to the highest standards make our philosophy come true:
"ANATOLIAN - The world"s finest cymbals"